Contemporary Romance is dramatic. It deals with powerful emotions and massive problems. It is people like you and me, struggling, striving, dreaming, hoping, triumphing — that’s the key! There’s a guaranteed happy ending. Life gets insanely complicated, but Contemporary Romance says “keep hoping, keep fighting” because love is stronger than all the chaos.

Review copies of KISS IT BETTER are available now from Netgalley, ahead of the October release date.


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It's Love Dude cover


My Jardin Bay series (in which each book stands alone) begins with a shy small town girl and a world champion surfer in It’s Love, Dude

HeroDutyThen Hero Duty gives you Brodie’s story. He’s Zane’s brother (from It’s Love, Dude), an ex-Army sergeant and the man who steps up when a billionaire Cinderella needs saving. You’ll love Jessica, who has the same troubles we all have at times — family!

Finally, in October 2014, Kiss It Better introduces a new set of quirky Jardin Bay characters and a romance of two survivors negotiating new lives. Read the excerpt HERE.


Contemporary Romance


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