Contemporary Romance is dramatic. It deals with powerful emotions and massive problems. It is people like you and me, struggling, striving, dreaming, hoping, triumphing — that’s the key! There’s a guaranteed happy ending. Life gets insanely complicated, but Contemporary Romance says “keep hoping, keep fighting” because love is stronger than all the chaos.


Pre-order KISS IT BETTER now at Amazon US, Amazon Australia or iTunes Australia, with more buylinks appearing soon via Escape Publishing.

Review copies of KISS IT BETTER are available now from Netgalley, ahead of the 8 October release date.


In early 2015 comes three short stories. From the tropical heat of the Great Barrier Reef, through the glamour and danger of Sydney, to the all-action, high drama of Tasmania’s Antarctic specialists, these are romances to make you laugh, sigh and fall in love — these heroes are something special.

Contemporary Romance


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