Plague Cult2016 is the Year of The Collegium series. Enjoy an outrageously good year of paranormal romance as demons, mages, shifters and dragons dance with danger and flirt with passion. In the past, I’ve written contemporary romance (both sweet and sexy), steampunk, science fiction and romantic suspense. You’ll find all of my books in the dropdown menu under Books.

Plague Cult is out June 27 – and available at a special launch price of 99c right now! For promo goodies to include in blog posts and reviews, please, click here.

Plague Cult. In a small Texas town a desire for love becomes a curse that could unleash a deadly plague. A haunted house romance in which a healer and a former marine must mesh their magicks (and their hearts?) to save the home town that rejected her.

The Collegium series:

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Hollywood Demon, August 2016. Here’s a tantalising hint of what it’s about.

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