paranormal romance thriller, kindle unlimited, Jenny Schwartz, earthquake romance,2016 is the Year of The Collegium series by Jenny Schwartz.

Enjoy an outrageously good year of paranormal romance as demons, mages, shifters and dragons dance with danger and flirt with passion.

But stay tuned for 2017 when the stakes get even higher with a new and devastating paranormal romance thriller series. Old School introduces a world of secrets, sorcery and seduction.

Paranormal Romance Thriller – New Release

Hollywood Demon is out August 27, 2016. Danger wears a glamorous face. And if you feel the earth move, well, there’s a reason for that!

Clancy Ramirez, failed geo-mage, is back in Los Angeles and driving straight into trouble. There’s a demon on the prowl, and its target is her teenage crush. Mark Yarren is even more gorgeous at thirty, marked by tragedy and on a quest for justice, and although this Hollywood billionaire might be out of her league, Clancy can’t resist a hero in distress. Can you?

Coming Soon!

I’m currently hard at work on Alchemy Shift which is an Halloween-themed book, out in October. How’s this for a tease? A woman, her sword, and the bear-shifter who’ll steal her heart.

The Collegium Series

paranormal romance thriller, Jenny Schwartz

paranormal romance thriller, Jenny Schwartz,

paranormal romance thriller, Jenny Schwartz,






paranormal romance thriller, Jenny Schwartz, kindle unlimited,

Plague Cult, paranormal romance thriller,

paranormal romance, kindle unlimited, Jenny Schwartz



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