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Paranormal romance and science fiction written, read and recommended!

How’s that for a welcome? I love speculative fiction and I insist on it having a happy ending, so I write paranormal romance and space opera, and I read and recommend books in even more genres: mystery, science fiction, romance, fantasy, and history.

My new fantasy novel, The Troll Bridge, will be out just after Valentine’s Day. No pre-order link, sorry!

phoenix blood, jenny schwartz, pnr, paranormal romance, kindle unlimited,For paranormal romance, you need to check out my Collegium series (complete and available in Kindle Unlimited) and the ongoing Old School series (each book able to be read as a stand-alone novel – absolutely no cliffhangers!).

Space Opera is something new for me – as an author! As a reader I’ve been loving it for years. If you haven’t discovered the joy of Space Opera, I recommend The Witches of Karres by James H. Schmitz, anything by Anne McCaffrey, or Sweet StarFire by Jayne Castle (yes, she also writes as Jayne Ann Krentz).

If you want to try my Space Opera debut, it’s gotten great reviews along the lines of “more!” Her Robot Wolf has starship shamans, bounty hunters, pirates, aliens and a geriatric, galactic terrorist! The sequel, Cosmic Catalyst, is out now, and The Ceph Sector will be out soon!

As a reader and reviewer, I’m currently focusing on Kindle Unlimited books. There are so many gems in Kindle Unlimited, but unearthing them can be difficult. I post daily reviews on my Facebook page, Always Another Great Book. Please like it and share your own Kindle Unlimited book recommendations there.

ceph sector, space opera, scifiromance, kindle unlimited,You’ll need to sign up to my newsletter (which is an RSS feed of my blog) so that you don’t miss anything! I have so much happening and so many things semi-planned. If you’d like to follow me on Facebook, that would be great. And you can always find me on Twitter @Jenny_Schwartz.

Happy reading!

Jenny Schwartz


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