Jenny Schwartz

paranormal romance, kindle unlimited, new release,NEW RELEASE!!! Fire Fall – 99c or free in Kindle Unlimited – A summer adventure in the Rocky Mountains with a billionaire’s daughter, a wizard mercenary, and … Bigfoot?

Hi! I’m a paranormal romance author who can’t resist reading and writing other things as well. I write a blog roughly once a week that you can sign up to receive as a newsletter.

In 2017, my focus is the paranormal romance series, the Old School. Fire Fall is the latest stand-alone novel in that series.

However, brace yourselves! I’m venturing off-Earth with Her Robot Wolf on June 1. I don’t have a pre-order link for it, so please make a note to find it then. A starship shaman, kidnapped by a bounty hunter, introduced to pirates, and totally unprepared for the betrayal that threatens the galaxy!

Old School

Fire Fall

Storm Road

Fantastical Island

Phoenix Blood


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Plus! The Collegium series is complete and free to read in Kindle Unlimited. Enjoy a fabulous world of paranormal romance as demons, mages, shifters and dragons dance with danger and flirt with passion.

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