Tablet computers

There’s talk about a new Apple computer, possibly to be called iSlate, that will do all sorts of amazing things–open web pages, show TV, enable you to type. In other words, do lots of stuff we already do, but make it easier to combine the activities. I was caught up in the buzz for a brief moment, but then reality intruded. What do I really want my computer to do, and be?

First, I want it light weight, durable, environmentally friendly (no toxins in production, use or recycling), easy on the eyes (the screen, not its fashion design trappings), protected from power surges and I don’t want it getting hot as I use it (my old laptop burns my knees after a few minutes of use). Nice if I could solar power the energy, too.

Second, I want it to be fast, easy to use and connect with everything.  I don’t want Apple to lock us into content sources as they tried with iTunes.

Third is a question for me. What would I use a tablet computer for? I’d like to be able to read magazines and newspapers on it, but that means it must change pages swiftly and smoothly and have a great read screen. Being able to read ebooks would be useful, maybe split the screen like the open two pages of a book. Obviously I’d want to be able to surf the Net, type up this blog, read other people’s, and most importantly, write my novel.

So stepping back from the buzz, I don’t really need a tablet computer. For me to buy a tablet computer, Apple (or anyone) would have to create a new “need”.