Beyond Compare by Penny Jordan

If you enjoy a sweet romance with an innocent but determined heroine, a sexy devoted hero and an English country setting, why are you waiting? Track down Penny Jordan’s 1989 Mills and Boon, Beyond Compare, and dive in.

Beyond Compare is my favourite Jordan. It’s like in a movie when the chemistry between the stars works. The chemistry here is real, enjoyable and the heroine is blissfully blind to it. She wakes up.

4 Replies to “Beyond Compare by Penny Jordan”

  1. I really don´t understand why passionate and sweet heroes almost disappeared from this kind of novels. :)Do you enjoy Sandra Canfield novels? She already passed away but she left some fantastic books. My favourites are "Night into day" and "Cherish this Moment". If you don´t know them then you must read them because who enjoys real men, has to read those novels. :)KissesCarla

  2. Carla, it's lovely to meet someone else who loves "Beyond Compare". It's a shame styles of romance go in and out of fashion. Fortunately I've kept my old favourites and re-read them. They're getting a bit ragged at the corners, though 🙂

  3. Hi. I´m portuguese and this novel is also my favourite by Penny Jordan. Unfortunatelly i think that lately she has not written anything very interesting. Her best novels are the older ones, for sure. I´m very glad to finally find someone that enjoys this novel as much as i do. Recently i sent an email to PJ asking why didn´t se write more novels like this and she said that the publishers determine too much of what the authors write. I don´t know why they do that if in the end the stories get worse.KissCarla