A new study out of England from the gastroenterology journal, aptly called Gut, revealed findings from 5,000 people surveyed about their risks for primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC)- an early form of liver disease. Of those surveyed, 37% of women who color their hair were more likely to develop PBC than those who don’t since PBC is thought to be caused by certain environmental factors and chemicals found in hair dye. Other statistics regarding beauty products might shock you as well. For instance, did you know that the average woman uses 20 beauty products per day and ingests 7 pounds of lipstick over her lifetime? Full story and more statistics on StyleList here.
 So will grey hair become fashionable? I wouldn’t bet on it. Look at the crippling history of high heels, and we still adore them.

Could Coloring Your Hair Give You Liver Disease?