4 Replies to “Waiting for Carina Press to launch…”

  1. Hi Natasha!Yep. Toby's a trained writer's dog. He collects the mail from the letterbox (well, I take it out and hand it to him) and then carries it inside and refuses to release it until he has a biscuit. If he's in the front yard, he takes the mail directly from the postman/woman on their little put-put motorbikes. It's cute, but I worry that one day we'll get a new postie who'll be terrified to see a 40 kg dog bounding towards him. So Toby is kept under control–mostly ;)And thanks for the encouragement 🙂 I'm much less frazzled today now Carina Press is live!

  2. Hi KazThe waiting is driving me crazy. I was good this morning, but now…I have to stop myself typing in rude upper case letters–shouting at the world to hurry up and respect our time zone schedule. 7 June is halfway over!and Toby is being a good boy. He must sense that now is not the time to be "amusing".

  3. Don't you hate that we're so far ahead? Waiting never was one of my strong suits…unlike Toby. Good boy, Toby! 🙂