Just tried to set up a blog ring

Got it totally wrong. Does anyone know how to cancel a blog ring? Or does it just vanish ghost fashion if I don’t give the world a way to sign up to it? I %$#@#* named it after me, thinking that space on the form was for account creation, establishing me as administrator. Damnation but I’m dumb. The blog ring Jenny Schwartz is not meant to exist!!! I’m not that egocentric. I used alt-webring, btw.

4 Replies to “Just tried to set up a blog ring”

  1. A cult? LOL It's just a way to link blogs that have something in common. They've puzzled me for years and yesterday I couldn't resist meddling. Still, stuffing one up is totally unimportant. Losing a page of writing–ouch!

  2. A blog ring? Is it a cult? 😉 Sorry, Jenny, I'm with Kaz. I have no idea what that is. If it's any consolation, I deleted a whole page of writing today without saving it.

  3. Point and laugh, just don't shout "jump"! My stupidity tower for 2010 is pretty high at this point. I keep adding whole floors. All this social media is like a toddler and fire. "Ooh, sparkly. Oww!" and I never learn. *sucks blistered fingers*