Where did the Neanderthals go?

[With thanks to NASA and artist Randii Oliver for the image, via Wikimedia]

Neanderthals captivate me. The idea that humans shared a planet with another sentient species, a species close enough to us to interbreed, and yet, now they’re gone. I just can’t let the puzzle go. Where did the Neanderthals go? Did they die out (and if so, why?), interbreed and be swallowed up in the human gene pool or did they simply leave?

No, I’m not talking alien abductions. What if the Neanderthals’ minds evolved in a manner that enabled them to navigate the universe in four dimensions? Maybe they looked at humans’ encroachment, shuddered, and went in search of another planet, a place where they could be safe, where 3D confined humans couldn’t follow.

And if the Neanderthals did simply walk away…they could walk back any day.

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  1. I am so glad you like my tumblr! I am very glad you decided to follow me because then I discovered your blog then this one! All about romance novels, what can amateur romance novel writer love more then that? And yes that is so cool with the island,evolution is just so cool!

  2. Hi Maria! I'm so glad you intro'd yourself as Coffeeandwords. I love the images you share in Tumblr. Aren't the Flores Island hobbits incredible? I live in Western Australia, the southern part, but Flores Island is barely a skip from our north. So it feels like they're my neighbours ;)But for all my fascination with the little guys, I hadn't found the science daily article. Thanks! Interesting story and useful links. Those Indonesian islands are amazing. The largest lizards (komodo dragons) and the smallest people!