So much good news!

The Price of Freedom” (Out of the Bottle, 1) is available as an audiobook with Read by the talented Rachel Butera and sounding fabulous, darlings.

Angel Thief” (Out of the Bottle, 2) is available for review at Net Galley, and will be on sale Nov 29.

The first Carina Press books are going to print. They’re suspense and mystery titles. Woohoo!

And I proved my willpower by lasting a whole day (count it — 24 hours!) without chocolate.

8 Replies to “So much good news!”

  1. Hi Eleni! thanks for the congrats. I truly think writers couldn't survive without chocolate. Or at least, that's my excuse 😉

  2. Thanks, Shelley 🙂 and chocolate ought to be a food group. Unfortunately, it's *that* time of year, when I start weighing up chocolate vs fitting into summer clothes.

  3. Congrats on the audio release. Definitely not long to go until your next release. I'm shaking my head about the chocolate though. Isn't it a food group?