Following Blogs

I follow 121 different blogs. Most are from the world of romance publishing — authors, reviewers, publishers, agents — but others are simply for interest — gardening, neuroscience, architecture. Google Reader is the only reason I can follow what is to me a mind-boggling number of discussions. Other people follow triple and more that number — I can only salute them and feel exhausted on their behalf.

But the downside of using Google Reader is that a blog post has to be awesomely awesome for me to make the additional effort of clicking through to the original blog to leave a comment. I don’t think it’s laziness. Just time and energy being limited (only 24 hours in a day! who decided that?!!). Plus shyness. When a blog has an established community of followers, I can have an acute awkward moment and slink away rather than introduce myself and join in.

So this post is prompted by my guilt that I follow, read and enjoy great blogs, but fail to make their creators aware of how much I enjoy their insight, information and humour.

I’m a lurker!