Writing Update

Last week I had a sneak peek at the draft cover for Three Wishes. It is stunning, hinting at the Syrian setting and crusader castle, and of passion, adventure and magic. It is a cover to gloat over — and I am. It’s also kicked my butt back to “Persian Flames”, my fourth Out of the Bottle novella, and I’m starting the revisions. It’s a bit of a mindshift, moving from the far lighter “Australian Fey” novella I’ve been working on, but I like the challenge. And “Persian Flames” is a story that holds my heart, so I love returning to it.

As if juggling two novellas in such different styles weren’t enough, Carina Press had to go and put out a call for a winter-themed steampunk novella. How can I resist? I have the coolest idea for an Australian setting and story and a wicked cool title in mind — nope, not sharing it yet. I have to concentrate on “Persian Flames” and my “Australian Fey” novella, so I’m scribbling steampunk ideas in a notebook (so I don’t lose them) but otherwise clinging like a limpet to my priorities.