Dog Attire

Do you like Toby’s fetching new look? I can laugh about it now, but it’s been hideously annoying, trying to keep him from scratching. Here in Western Australian we’re at the tail end of a long, hot, humid summer; ideal for developing hot spots (euphemism for staph infections on a dog’s skin — staph are normally on a dog’s skin, but they shouldn’t cause reddened, itchy spots). Anyhow, Toby got over his hot spot, was freed from the do-not-scratch collar, and immediately bashed his head into something (a tree? a wall? who knows, but he bumped and scratched it) and so, out came the collar again while the small wound healed.

As you can see, Toby now thinks the collar is normal dog attire. Just goes to prove that any weirdness can become normal.

And one final photo to show why the collar is essential wear: “Toby, stop scratching!”