A blog is a work in progress. Even a quiet one like mine evolves. I try new things. Some work, like having a posting framework of Tuesdays for writing updates, Thursdays for a round up of romance publishing news/advice, etc. Some don’t, like Guest Author Mondays.

I love having guest authors visit and that won’t change. But I’m no longer going to lock in Mondays. Guest authors will simply be a lovely surprise any day — which releases Mondays to be a different sort of day in my posting framework. In fact, I’m thinking Mondays will be Book Day.

Yes, I post my two sentence reviews over at Goodreads and enjoy following group discussions there. But sometimes it’s not really a review I want to share, just some rambly thoughts sparked by a particular book. So, from here on, Mondays are Book Day — and we’ll all see how that works!

And no, I’m not telling you what next week’s book will be — because I’m mean that way *grin*