Romance Industry News

Am I quoting Rachelle Gardner again? Yes, I believe I am. She’s discussing publishers’ promo activity . They are busy people.

Maria Zannini opened a discussion on changes in the publishing industry.

And talking of changes, Jane at Dear Author has a fascinating interview with Heather Osborn from Samhain. Less than 50% of what they publish is erotic and they’re looking at starting up new lines — SF, mysteries,…

Kylie Griffin interviews author Rachel Johns. It’s always interesting to hear other authors’ stories, and I loved the call story for Carina Press.

A discussion on the persuasiveness of a touch on the arm. Very interesting.

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    1. Re Rachel Gardner — building and maintaining an online community seems to be an art. I know I followed Teresa Nielsen Hayden's (from Making Light) discussion on it a couple of years ago when she took over responsibility for BoingBoing's community. But I think you have the talent, too!