Romance Industry News

What makes a romance reader visit a blog? Mandy, from Smexy Books asks, shares her reasons and, interestingly, reveals the strong link with Twitter. May, from Smexy Books, expands the discussion on author interaction on Twitter.

Patricia Wrede on writers’ support systems.

Maya Banks did a frank Q and A over at Dear Author on being a digitally published author. I particularly liked her comment that the only thing all successful authors have in common is they’ve worked their butts off.

2 Replies to “Romance Industry News”

  1. I really liked Maya Banks' Q&A. It was the best I'd ever read. And thank you for introducing me to Romance at Random. I follow Smexy Books on Twitter, but didn't know about this blog.

    1. I saw you over at Dear Author. I thought Maya was awesome, being so open. Lots of great questions and she answered them all. The times, they are a'changing. It's exciting! But I was so glad to hear she doesn't work 16 hour days — I'd rather join the Foreign Legion