Guest Author — David M Brown — August 3

Okay, so this cryptic post is me announcing David M Brown will be visiting August 3 — but also, I’m trying out some of WP Twenty Eleven template’s features. This ought to be an aside post — whatever that is!

4 Replies to “Guest Author — David M Brown — August 3”

  1. I don't know what an 'aside' post is supposed to be, but that just looks like a normal post that says 'ASIDE' at the top…

    1. That'd be right. Ah well. How are you surviving the storms? Toby was a shivering wreck, but recovered enough to bound out and collect the mail — he is a very focused mail collection service 🙂

      1. 🙂 The question is, does Toby deliver the mail after collecting it? H&H think it's part of their job to open the mail before delivering it… and maybe eat it too.

        So far so good out here. A little local flooding but nothing serious. Holly was in bed for most of the thunder so hasn't challenged the sky to any duels yet.

        How is it by the coast?