Writing Update

I have a fascinating idea for a third steampunk novella. I’m gloating over it while I finish my second novella, which is tentatively titled, Courting Trouble. And boy is there trouble! Esme and Jed have a huge save-the-world type challenge. Such fun!

3 Replies to “Writing Update”

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  2. I've been enjoying the steampunk books I've read, so I look forward to yours and learning more. Tease!

    I also have a seductive steampunk idea perculating in my mind. Trouble is I have a host of other projects I need to finish first!

    Happy writing.

    1. Tease, yourself! I'd love to read a New Zealand steampunk story — go the Antipodes!

      There's nothing like a steampunk idea burning to be written for hurrying up other writing projects 🙂