Romance Industry News

Patricia Wrede talks about ebooks on her blog. The point I took away was that self-publishing isn’t going to be an easier path to publication (and success), just that the frustrations will be different.

Wynter Daniels raises an interesting question over at Naughty Chicks: Characters do stupid/bad things, but what is unforgiveable and ruins a story?

Sunita, at Dear Author, discusses the line between author as public and private person. In a way, though, the discussion seems to me to be more about the nature of social media relationships. When does a friendly acquaintance become a friend? How can you know a person if you’re reliant only on what they choose to share about themselves (though, I’m not sure that even online we’re as in control of ourselves and our presentation as that line of argument suggests)? It’s not just an author question, it’s a question for everyone online and interacting with people beyond their “real” world circle.

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