Australian Architecture

I picked up a copy of “A Pictorial Guide to Identifying Australian Architecture” a couple of years ago. It seems to have gone out of print.

I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to things architectural so I appreciate the easy explanations and the glossary (with pictures) at the back.

What makes it so useful for me as a writer is that buildings are an enduring expression of the spirit of the age in which they were built. You get a sense of the style of family and public life.

But what’s missing from this book is floor plans. I love floor plans. From them I can imagine how life was lived.

Consider the small 1920s family homes. This was the Twentieth Century prior to television’s dominance. The main living room had a big table in the centre. You didn’t have to worry about blocking viewing of the television, so homework could be spread out or sewing or games or jigsaw puzzles. A different world.

2 Replies to “Australian Architecture”

  1. The Sullivans! talk about a trip down memory lane 🙂

    TV has definitely changed behaviours, but each time I'm tempted to lament what has been lost, I think of wonderful documentaries, shows like QI that make me laugh and, of course, Aussie Rules football games, and on balance, it's Yay! for TV!!! I'm such a pop culture victim 😉