Jamie’s Italy

I’ve sworn to never buy another cookbook. As with most good intentions, I’m expecting to break it, but there is one thing in my favour: Cookbooks have become coffeetable fare and I am very, very selective when it comes to the high prices of coffeetable books.

Jamie’s Italy is a good example of the coffeetable cookbook. It has glorious photos and rustic-inspired graphic design. It has engaging text. It’s even linked to a television series — and yes, I watched it. I’m a Jamie fan. But for everyday cooking, is it my go-to book? No.

My you’ll-only-pry-it-from-my-cold-dead-hands cookbook is the PMWU. I think that stands for Presbyterian and Methodist Women’s Union. It’s very similar to the famous CWA cookbook, but (heresy) I think it’s better. It was a chance find in Myers years ago and is now, I think, out of print.

2 Replies to “Jamie’s Italy”

  1. I'm off to google Annabel because I hadn't heard of her, but I fell in love with descriptions of the South Is years ago, having read old Essie Summers novels 🙂

  2. I like cookbooks too. I tend to borrow them from the library though because you're right. They're very expensive! Have you seen the Annabel Langbein cooking show/cookbook? She's a NZer and both the TV show and the book feature gorgeous South Island scenery.