Romance Industry News

Seth Godin on selling your book to friends — no, not the friends you have now, the friends you have to earn. [Actually, I’m not sure “earn” is the right word, but it does get across the fact that there’s a ton of effort involved in attracting and maintaining an online community]

Starting mid-September and happening Thursdays, Wynter Daniels will be hosting editors at her blog. So if you have burning questions for the fab editors involved, leave a comment at Wynter’s blog, now.

Annie Seaton offers great advice on branding. I’d go so far as to say branding is vital for authors.

Maria Zannini is talking five year plans. I like the reminder that our writing five year plan is only part of our life five year plan. Sometimes, it feels a bit the other way around. Obsessive? Moi? 🙂

Detail versus clutter by Patricia Wrede.

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  1. You follow such a diverse group. I'm always finding new links with you.

    Ref: writing vs life plan

    I try not to let writing overshadow life. How can I write about life until I've lived it? 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out!