Romance Industry News

Malle Vallick from Harlequin has a post up on the Carina Press blog. She is totally in favour of developing side characters. Even in categories, she argues the hero and heroine don’t live in a bubble.

Want to “bother an author” (the great phrase is from Jane at She’s referring to Amazon’s new offer — use @authorname on your kindle and they’ll send your question to participating authors. It’s only at beta stage so far, so they’re not asking authors to sign up yet–at least, I don’t think so. They haven’t asked me 🙂

Nathan Bransford argues that on the internet a person’s brand can’t be a construct but must be truly them. I get what he’s talking about — the “you” you want people to see you as has less power and stamina than the “you” you really are. I don’t think he’s saying “liars never prosper”. I think it’s more fundamental: that enduring relationships are based on respect. Respect is destroyed when people think you’re not walking your talk.

Following on from that discussion, Rachelle Gardner asks whether pseudonyms have had their day?

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