If you’re new to Steampunk or just curious about what everyone’s talking about, is a fabulous ongoing resource. It’ll link you into the community. As will the hashtage #steampunk on Twitter.

The aesthetic of steampunk appeals to a lot of people. For me, its the fascination of craftsmanship, the pride and the belief life can be, should be, good. The Steampunk Home is a good place to begin exploring the aesthetic.

Tor is a publisher really into steampunk. Their Facebook page is bursting with great links. I like Heather Massey’s post calling for romance in steampunk. Yea-ah!

And that ought to be enough to get you intrigued. As for me…I do believe my footy team are in the finals! Guess what I’ll be doing this arvo–that’s right! Screaming at the TV 🙂

3 Replies to “Steampunk”

  1. Great to hear more steampunk authors getting into the game. We'll force them to give us our own shelf in book-stores yet (that's my evil plan at any rate, it started as a plan to take over the world and has taken a few hits, but I'm confident my current goal is achievable, it's just not evil enough, don't you hate authors who go on and on in parentheses?).

    Seriously though, cool beans. I'm just in the revision stages on my steampunk adventure with my agent, I hope to be hitting publishers in two or three months.

    1. going on and on — isn't that what parentheses are for? [evil memories of uni texts remind me that, no, that's what footnotes are for!]

      Great comment! I'm with you on taking over a shelf in bookstores…and then, the world!

      Fantastic on having an agent. *envy* I'm not at that point yet.

      Your blog has the best background. Seriously steampunk cool 🙂

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