Poetry on the Kindle

Have you read any poetry books on the kindle, or any other ereader? I’ve just realised I haven’t. In fact, I had a bit of an ick moment at the thought of doing so, which made me stop and question my response. Why did I go ick at the thought of digital poetry? I’m happy to read online magazines on my computer and enjoy the poetry they print. Strange Horizons is awesome.

I think the issue for me is that I frame poetry as special. It’s not something I read all the time. It has “thought space” — for lack of a better term. I read it when I have time to savour each word and thought/emotion evoked. So the presentation on the page, the paper itself, the size and weight of the book, the way it smells — they all help frame the moment.

The kindle is efficient and practical and I love it, but it’s not where I read my poetry.