Writer Wednesday

Cathryn Hein has a gorgeous website that is the essence of the oft-repeated lesson that a website ought to visually showcase the genre the author writes in. Take a look and guess the genre.

Australian romance!

4 Replies to “Writer Wednesday”

  1. She did! I love how your site looks.

    Unrelated topic…I was walking past one of BigW's middle-of-the-walkway stands and saw a stack of your "Promises" on display. The stranger next to me (examining the books) has no idea how nearly she got a five minute hard sell 🙂 but I thought that might be more weird than effective 😉

    1. I've had a few moments like that myself. Had to walk away in case I looked like a stalker freak. So hard not to pick up a copy and loudly announce, "Awesome book!" or something similar. Not a problem for my niece though. The little darling does it without any embarrassment at all!