Romance Industry News

Did you see my Darkside Spotlight on Saturday? You missed it! Horrors, well, if you click over and scroll to the bottom, you’ll see my advice for not-quite-published-yet authors. Only my opinion, but I do think social media mastery has become a required authorial skill. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Remember my link last week (or was it the previous week? time is flying) about the fab editors Wynter Daniels has lined up to answer your questions? I notice in her update post that Angela James is about to start another “Before You Hit Send” online workshop. I participated in one a few months ago. If you’re serious about improving your self-editing skills, this is the workshop for you. Lots of info, lots of practical exercises. You are not as good as you think you are at spotting your own mistakes (or maybe that’s just me).

The Economist weighs into the discussion on the digital future of books.

Valerie Parv has a brief but useful post on mentoring and critiquing. The quotation from H G Wells really struck me.

Via Jane at Dear Author, a stark article on bias in what gets published, in this instance, in Young Adult literature. People being “written out” of stories — in effect, given no story — is a hugely powerful identity issue. Stories shape who we are and who we can become. You just have to look at the mental and physical health problems of marginalised groups to see the effects, effects that go well beyond what can be explained by economic circumstances.