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Being busy, I’ve skimmed a number of blog posts, but not actually taken that extra step of linking here, let alone commenting. I know, I’m a bad online community member. In my defence, everyone has busy weeks where no matter how much we churn water, we don’t get closer to shore. Give me credit, at least I’m not going glug-glug-gurgle and under. This post is getting typed up.

But what am I sharing?

I’ve raided my Google Reader for blogs I follow and I think you might be interested in.

First, if you click through to Carina Press you’ll find just below their logo in the top left corner (right corner?) a button to subscribe to their newsletter. Nothing saves time more than news delivered to your email — although, I admit, a full email inbox can be daunting. While you’re at the Carina site, be sure to check the blog. Among other things, Angela James posts great writer advice there.

The Steampunk Tribune is a fabulous steampunk resource. Go ahead–join a friendly and fantastic community. Imagination welcome 🙂

Dean Wesley Smith raises interesting questions about the writing and publishing world. Whether you agree with his answers or not, the questions are important.