Writing Update

So, how do you find more time for your writing?

I’m not talking about finding time to write. I know that can be a struggle on its own, but I’m taking that struggle for granted. You write, probably daily, but where do you find the time to write a project that’s not on your schedule?

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about: a huge To Do list and a new idea knocks at your brain demanding thought and…writing.

Do you make time for the new idea or table it and promise you’ll get back to it? and is your answer dependent on the nature of the project?

I have two ideas floating around. One for a poem. The other (remarkably) for a literary short story. Theoretically I’d think I could squeeze them in. In reality, I’m finding by the time I finish writing what I’ve absolutely promised myself will get done, my brain’s fried.

This isn’t a whinge, just wondering if anyone has any strategies for squeezing more into their writing time.

2 Replies to “Writing Update”

  1. Would it help if you just took one day to work on your special projects.

    I used to to take one day and just concentrate on nothing but marketing. It was useful because it kept me from getting distracted.

    1. It might be worth trying — I just don't know if the other stuff would nag at me too much though…as if I was indulging myself. For a Catholic, I have a pretty strong Puritan streak. Nasty work ethic 🙂

      And I really hope you're feeling better!