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Well, that was easy–and probably unnecessary. I find it hard to imagine a writer who isn’t an omnivorous reader.

When you read you get information, but you also get a sense for how others tell stories and use words. I’ve given up worrying whether what I’m reading will help my writing. I read what interests me, and I try to expand my interests.

There’s one other aspect of reading that’s important to me: inspiration. Wonderful books remind me why I write: to share joy. A good book begins a conversation…an idea that is fast becoming more than a metaphor in this social media age of digital books where we can share highlights and notes. Reading may yet become a social activity 🙂

5 Replies to “Writing Advice”

    1. Reading is such an obvious thing…I wonder why we feel guilty (as in guilty pleasure of wasting time) when we do so, when it's an important part of writing?