Romance Industry News

Your brand is the promise you make your customers (from Bob Mayer’s blog).

Not satisfied with a Facebook page, “A Clockwork Christmas” has nudged us into creating a Goodreads group … Seriously, I’d love if you joined us to chat about Steampunk with a dash of romance.

Not many links this week. I’ve been busy…yeah, yeah, aren’t we all? I can hear you saying it. But for me, that’s meant that rather than linking to this post, anything I’ve read through the week that I found interesting I have shared immediately, either on Twitter, FB or G+. It’s that or forget all about linking to it.

Which reminds me…I’m really enjoying Google+. Are you on it? How do you find it? and have I circled you there? I’m always on the look out for interesting people to lassoo, so give me a shout, hmm? This is me on G+.