Writing Advice

Invest in a good dictionary.

I know you can google or use an online dictionary. But there is something about flicking through a paper dictionary and seeing all those fascinating words.

Plus, if you keep the dictionary away from your desk, consulting it makes you get up out of your chair and move … for occupational health and safety reasons, that is a definite bonus.

My dictionary of choice?

Of course, given Carina Press is an American publisher, I then have to go through and spellcheck for American spelling … life’s little ironies.

2 Replies to “Writing Advice”

  1. Why can't you use Australian spelling in your books? Does Carina ask you to change it to American spelling?

    I know it might sound silly, but I enjoy seeing the different spelling, especially if the setting is in the UK or Australia. It makes it feel more authentic.

    1. I like different spellings for different countries, too. It's something I'm used to as an Aussie reader. But I understand Carina's decision in my case. The steampunk novella, although set in Australia, is to be part of an anthology. I'm guessing consistent spelling trumped all!