Writing Update

Over at the A Clockwork Christmas Facebook page we’re sharing reviews for the anthology, but I’ve forgotten to share them here. It’s a serious oversight. So here are three fab reviews from:

Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer

Just Janga

The Phantom Paragrapher

I have to quote a snippet from Just Janga’s review since she has shared a lovely memory triggered by reading “Wanted: One Scoundrel”. Read this and you’ll understand why I treasure the review:

I liked this story a lot. The Australian setting is a bit different, Esme and Jed are endearing characters, and the political intrigue adds interest. But one snippet alone would have made the story a winner for me. I grew up listening to stories of my maternal grandmother, a beautiful woman who would have been not many years younger than Esme, keeping a hat pin handy to protect herself from unwanted attentions. So I loved this scene that made me smile as I remembered Mama.

I can’t wait till 5 December when the anthology releases from Carina Press and everyone can read it!

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