Life. It Changes

But not too drastically, this time, so don’t hyperventilate. I’m just thinking of changing the posting schedule on this blog.

I don’t quite know how it’ll work…or if I’ll get withdrawal symptoms, being a daily blogger…but I need to cutdown my posts here to a couple of times a week.

I love sharing interesting articles that I stumble over as I wander round the net, but nowadays, that’s easiest done with one-click share buttons to Twitter or Google+ (I hope you’re following me there).

I’ll aim to post here Tuesdays and Saturdays (which with timezone conversion, means in New York time, Monday and Friday nights).

4 Replies to “Life. It Changes”

    1. That's reassuring to hear. I guess it's end of year assessment time for me, even if subconsciously. I'm trying to work out not only what I can commit to in 2012 but what I ought to. This year has been so…um, exciting 😉 with all the changes to the publishing world, and personally, realising that I could use social media without dying of shyness that I think some of my writing time has been less focused (and hence, less productive) than it ought to have been. Maybe next year my mantra will have to be "prioritise the writing", so I'm pondering where I can steal time from social media. Heaven knows social media has never minded stealing time from me!

    1. Your blog though is busy. Mine is pretty quiet …. boo! Yup, definitely quiet. Sharing stuff elsewhere just makes sense for me … otherwise I'm talking to four virtual walls — and a few kind visitors, such as yourself 🙂