This first post as I settle in to my new schedule of blogging twice a week is a bit of a grab bag.

First up, reviews for “A Clockwork Christmas” are piling up over at Goodreads and the anthology doesn’t release till 5 December. Reviewers’ enthusiasm is a good sign 🙂

Second, “A Clockwork Christmas” is available for pre-order, and it even has its own customised bit.ly link: http://bit.ly/ClockworkX

Third, I can think of things other than this wonderful anthology I’m part of. Here is an amazing collection over at Pinterest put together by Lisa Rooney and celebrating…well, yes, a Steampunk Christmas.

This week I bought a bag of slow roasted chickpeas with Sicilian flavours … I have a new addiction.

I love jacaranda trees when I’m not the person responsible for cleaning up fallen flowers and leaves.

Purple jacaranda flowers

It is one month till Christmas!