And the world yawns

Look away now!

I’ve finished my last guest post for the release of A Clockwork Christmas on 5 December. I love guest blogging and in an attempt to not be too boring I tried to include photos. But now that the last post has been sent of to hosting bloggers I have leftover photos–and everyone knows what you do with leftovers: You use them up!

So, random photos. You have been warned 😉

Pagoda, Kings Park
Roundhouse & whaling tunnel
Going to the beach

This last photo probably needs a bit of an explanation. The tree is a Rottnest pine. The things clustered under it? Poor grasstrees waiting replanting. They’ve trimmed them, so they look stunted and unattractive. A happy grasstree has a huge head of hair. I can’t believe I don’t have a photo. I grew up with these plants scattered around. I remember even climbing them and (don’t say this too loud, I’m sure it’s not legal, maybe not safe) eating the white base of the new shoots.


Grandma with Ford Pilot

And that’s it! Photos done.