“A Clockwork Christmas” Release Day!

A Clockwork Christmas releases, today — except that Carina Press (strangely) operates on New York time rather than Jenny-time and it’s still yesterday over in the Big Apple. So while I bust my stays (or would, if I were wearing a corset) with excitement that the big day is (nearly) here, I thought I’d share a post in praise, thanksgiving and general happiness.

First: Angela James as editor for this steampunk anthology. Enough said. Good stories became brilliant.

Second: The authors! Honestly, if Angela had picked the four novellas on the basis of author niceness — instead of narrative brilliance, which oddly enough, she prefers as an editor — she couldn’t have chosen better. JK Coi, PG Forte and Stacy Gail are fantabulous. We have had an indecent amount of fun as we’ve shared the promo for our steampunk anthology. I’ve learned and laughed and I’m incredibly glad that even after A Clockwork Christmas races up the bestseller lists and becomes a steampunk Christmas classic, we’ll still be hanging together, supporting one another, providing encouragement and kicks as needed 🙂

It’s perfect that all four of us plan to write more steampunk. As a reader, I can’t wait for the sequels!

Third: The cover art! and the gorgeously collectible romance trading cards JK made from the covers.

Fourth: Reviewers. They couldn’t be nicer or more generous. Five stars to all of them 🙂

Fifth: Everyone on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ who has listened and shared my joy as I’ve burbled on and on about A Clockwork Christmas. You know who you are, steampunk and writing enablers!

Lots will be happening this week for promo. Be sure to check the A Clockwork Christmas Facebook page in case I forget anything. Romance trading cards are up for grabs as Sunday Swag at Riverina Romantics. They’re also tantalisingly collectible over at Long and Short Reviews.

Later today, JK kicks off a week of A Clockwork Christmas posts at Long and Short Reviews — we’re all sharing our heroes’ favourite steampunk gadgets and our own steampunk Christmas wishlists.

I’ll be posting over at Shelley Munro’s blog — later today, when New York finally agrees that yes, it really, truly, finally is 5 December.

Happy Release Day, A Clockwork Christmas!


8 Replies to ““A Clockwork Christmas” Release Day!”

  1. Happy Release Day, Jenny!!! I hope the day went well and that many copies fly off the shelves! Sorry, I'm late to the party but I've been in my hermit cave… 🙂

    1. Squillions it is! If we sold squillions *listen up, world!* I could afford to attend the RWAus conf on the Gold Coast next year!

      although the shy part of me says, wait for 2013. You'll be so much less stressed if your first conference is in your hometown. Still…

  2. You've created good buzz. By the third time I heard this book mentioned, I had to come to see what it's about. Way to go…and congrats!

    1. Thanks, Judi! Promo is not a natural talent for me, which means I treasure your comment more than you can believe. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and to leave a message. Much happy karma to you 🙂