General Update

I’m sure you’re now all convinced I can’t stick to a schedule. I swear I can…except well, Release Day is too exciting not to have a special post and then this huge thunderstorm lasted all day, pretty much knocking out any hope of me risking plugging in the computer for yesterday’s scheduled post. So here we are, Wednesday, and I have a collection of fairly random stuff.

First, I’m still working on my list of Aussie Women Writers’ books for 2012’s reading/reviewing challenge. I will share it soon.

Second, celebrations for the launch of A Clockwork Christmas are much fun, but also exhausting … hence the random nature of this belated post.

Third, pretty pic (thanks to Peter Smalley) of A Clockwork Christmas on the first page of Goodreads’ December new releases newsletter.

Fourth, I’m visiting Leah Braemel later today and … for various reasons, talking about sailors but sharing innocuous beach photos.

Fifth, I’ve rediscovered halva…it’s running a very close second to chocolate in the yumminess stakes.

6 Replies to “General Update”

  1. You are a very busy girl indeed, Jenny.

    Yay for A Clockwork Christmas being on first page of December news on Goodreads.

    But halva, Jenny? Sorry, I grew up with it around the house and I've always thought of it as sugared dirt. Though my parents love it. Maybe I should give it another try. 😉