Steampunk Poetry

The Matchgirl Grown Up

She had never cared what others thought
and didn’t now
that clockwork let “the cripple” dance
light as thistledown.

They didn’t know
the agony to wind the legs,
the bleeding hands that worked the key.
She wrapped her palms in linen rags
and watched her daughter dance.


Good, bad, indifferent … I’m hoping to write more poetry in 2012 and even submit to some ‘zines. One of the things I’ll need to chase down is who publishes steampunk poetry. Any ideas?

Vilhelm Pedersen B8, ubt

2 Replies to “Steampunk Poetry”

  1. Jenny, nice work. How unfortunate you wish to constrain yourself in a selective niche genre; Steam Punk. This particular piece, the Matchgirl Grown up, with ever so little modification may be picked up by any number of ink publications: Barbaric Yawp, MSR etc., or e-zines if you wish to spend your time there: Long Story Short may be a start. When beginning to write, write your heart and then find a home for it…as you grow, you'll be able to write selectively for various outlets. Best of luck,