Farewell 2011

I’ve been thinking of what to write for this final post of the year for a couple of weeks … not thinking about it constantly, that would be weird, but trying to work out what I wanted to say. Thing is, I don’t know. 2011 has had so many natural disasters and the worst nuclear disaster ever, political upheaval and deaths, personal tragedies, so much bad news that although I wanted to send out the old year with a pretty picture (I do love pretty pictures, hence my Tumblr addiction), it feels like that would be too frivolous.

So instead, let’s let the tide wash away the grime of the old year, the tiredness and tears. We’ll remember the joyous parts and the sorrows through which we were strong. Blessings, everyone, I hope your New Year is bright with hope and brings you every happiness.

2 Replies to “Farewell 2011”

  1. Happy New Year, Jenny. We still have a few hours left to 2011. I won't be sad to see it go. It was a rough one.

    I hope 2012 smiles kindly on you. Thank you for being such a good friend.

    1. Maria, that good friend bit is exactly how I feel. I don't always manage a comment on your blog, but the warmth of your personality shines through and makes my day that bit better when I read it. Thank you! and Happy New Year 🙂