Recent Discoveries

Is this a lazy post? Maybe, but you might find the odd gem. These are things I’ve discovered so far in 2012 or things it’s taken me till 2012 to understand. So here goes:

Inkjoy pens by Papermate. Love, love, love the easy writing. Very nearly as effortless as they promise. Wish I’d had them back in the day for writing exam papers 🙂

Reviewing. Thanks to the Australian Women Writers 2012 Challenge (the challenge is to read Aussie Women Writers’ work, not to become an Aussie Woman Writer, so relax, no need for a sex change or emigration to take part) I’ve discovered I enjoy reviewing. Sometimes it’s a bit scary trying to find the right words to describe my experience of a book, but on the whole it’s fun and the Challenge has expanded the sort of books I’m reading this year.

Thinking about losing weight is not enough to actually lose it. *sigh* Why do I have to relearn this lesson all the time? It may be time to wave a forlorn goodbye to ice cream … or maybe just make it a once a week treat? I don’t want to be rash here. No edging out on a limb and committing to exercise or anything like that!

When it’s super-hot I become fifty percent less productive, even with airconditioning. This is ridiculous! It also explains the ice cream over-consumption bewailed in the earlier point. I may have to chain myself to the air conditioner till I’ve reached the word count for the day, and then, simply collapse in front of said air conditioner.

A’kin lavendar face mist is “bliss mist”. Honestly, no calories and heaven. Of course, I could just spray my face with the ironing spray bottle, but where’s the fun in that? 🙂

You can buy clothes online! Did you know this? I’d forgotten. I bought a coat online a couple of years ago, but then pretty much returned to shopping in stores…you know, interacting with real people. However, with the weather being so hot I couldn’t be bothered moving (yeah, even the lure of air conditioned shopping malls couldn’t make me face the shimmering-with-heat car parks), so I had a little explore online and went with a denim skirt from Ezibuy. Very convenient – if the darn skirt fits! The skirt’s not exciting, but it does have pockets (I’m such a fan of pockets…why do people even make trousers without them?).

Dry roasted almonds are delicious! No extra oil or salt but lots of flavour. No one tell me anything bad about them. I’m counting this as a good new addiction 🙂 and so much easier than trying to eat fresh coconut! My hands still hurt hitting that damn thing with a hammer to crack it then prising out the flesh with a butter knife. I’m sure there’s an easier way, but I don’t know it 🙁

Watching three hours of TV is exhausting when you’re not in practice. Summer TV (and really TV all year round, let’s be honest) seldom has shows I really, really want to watch, but yesterday, oh joy, oh rapture, new episodes of NCIS LA began here in Australia! So there I was, Mythbusters, NCIS LA and Hawaii-5O. I now have square eyes! (Didn’t your mum ever threaten you with that? along with, if you look that way when the wind changes, you’ll look that way forever!)

6 Replies to “Recent Discoveries”

  1. Nice post! Sometimes it is the simplest things that bring the most enjoyment, good to stop and consider them on occasion. (And I'm with you on the remembering to wave good bye to ice cream – I forget that intention all the time!)

  2. Thanks for posting about InkJoy, Jenny! I'm so happy to hear that you like the new pens. You should check out what we're up to on Facebook. Because InkJoy is soon to be the World's Most Stolen Pen, we are offering InkJoy fans protection against pen theft! Nothing's worse than a lost or stolen pen, right?!

  3. Jenny coconut is good but you are right it is a pain to get it open and the meat out of the shell.

    Online shopping at 5'2" is a no no for me for clothes, books and misc gadgets yes.

    Will gladly send you some artic air if you send us some sunshine to combat the gloomy cold overcast days we keep getting graced with.

    1. Sending some of this overly enthusiastic sun your way right now! 🙂 Toby, my golden retriever, is adding his "woof" to blow it north faster. He's flaked out in front of the air conditioner and has been since early, early morning. Ugh.

      Jackie, I'm height challenged, too, and resigned to hemming 🙁 But the skirt arrived y'day and the hem is okay. Whew. I hate buying jeans. They're always too long and I feel such a dork trying them on in the shops and rolling the hems up and up and up!