I read (well, more like, quickly scan) Art Daily regularly. This is a great free newsletter. It arrives in my email inbox and I see what’s happening in the art world. The other day, Art Daily mentioned and I clicked across to have a look at the site. It sounds really good. It supplies high quality prints of works in various museums & collections from around the world. You can even buy the prints framed. This sounded like a great deal. Who wouldn’t like to hang a nice Claude Monet reproduction on their wall?


But then I remembered I’m an author and how difficult it is to fund the creative life. Should I really spend my few art dollars on a reproduction or should I track down work I like by a living artist (you know, one who still needs to feed himself) and buy that instead?

The painting is Water Lilies & Japanese Bridge, one of my favourite Monet paintings. The colour in the original painting is breath stealing, so perfect, clear and serene. Which raises a final point about reproductions: Can they ever capture the magic of the original?

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    1. Yeah, that's what I think. On the other hand…even if I had the money (oh yeah, nice dream) to buy an original Monet, I don't think I could bear the responsibility. What if the silverfish ate it?!! Active silverfish at my house … but I've foiled them with my digital books … munch on that, you nasty critters!

  1. What a good question! I've only ever bought a reproduction once by Edwin Henry Landseer. Depending on how old the original is, sometimes the reproduction is the way we 'want' to remember it.

    I buy what appeals to me, but usually they're old paintings by forgotten artists who won't profit from my purchase. As much as I want to support the arts/artists, my first obligation is to myself. What do I want to see in my home?

    But your post brought up some good points.

    1. Maria, you reminded me of the size issue of some of the original paintings … reproductions are definitely more manageable … unless I'm looking to live in a huuuuuge mansion. Nah, not even if I could would I.

      But I agree. The most important point is can you live with the art. I like realist style paintings and prints and though I don't have many, I love the memories of buying them and even meeting the artists. I guess artists (like authors) have to get out there these days and promote themselves … maybe they always did?