The Blood Countess by Tara Moss

One of the best parts of the Australian Women Writers Reading and Reviewing Challenge is the list of reviews by participants (and anyone can participate). There are some wonderful books out there that I suspect I’d never have stumbled across without this challenge. There are also some wonderfully talented authors out there whose work, this challenge has reminded me, I haven’t tried. Tara Moss is one.

After reading some enthusiastic reviews of Tara’s work, I decided to start with The Blood Countess. It helped that the book was available for kindle and at a really good price, under $6, bargain!

The Blood Countess is a fairytale. Orphan girl grows up “different” in a small town. Great-aunt invites her to the big city. Great-aunt transforms her life. Girl has to discover her power (linked to discovering her identity) and use it. There are villains to defeat.

What gives this story life beyond the fairytale framework is the confident yet vulnerable voice of the heroine and the fabulous use of New York as the setting. New York is perfect for fairytales.

Two handsome princes was a nice touch…each with their own issues. As you read the book, you can see Tara setting the scene for future stories.

The style and plot are light, easy to read fun. The world created is appealing. If you like your paranormal romance with a touch of fashion, you’ll adore this first-in-a-series.

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