Ideas for Blog Posts

Last week, I couldn’t think of a blog post and fell back on exploiting Toby … what the heck! He doesn’t mind having his photo taken 🙂 But the fact I had to resort to pet photos to make up a blog post made me think about both topics for blogs and especially those ideas that can generate a fast post on busy days.

For my sort of blog, which is just me being me and sharing what I’m interested in (and I have a magpie curiosity) a neat trick is to use some spare time to build a list of interesting websites, articles and images that can support a blog post. Then when inspiration is low, you call up the list and voila!

Another option is to think about things you know and write them up to share: recipes, gardening know how, car maintenance (ha! like I know anything about that), theatre, whatever. Embrace your inner guru and shine 🙂

I try not to be rant-y online. But other people make fun and informative, thoughtful posts on current events. Opinions draw people in and spark conversations.

It doesn’t hurt to lure in unsuspecting guest bloggers, either.

If you collect, you can share highlights from that passion. Maybe you collect inspiring quotations or teapots. Photos of teapots would work. Images catch people’s attention.

On the subject of images…take photos of the world around you. People have made great blogs photographing their meals.

And that’s me idea’d out. Do you have any tips for generating posts?

12 Replies to “Ideas for Blog Posts”

  1. I think your themes work really well, Eleni. Not only for you to dream up ideas, but so that readers like me know what to expect on the different days. You have us well-trained! 😉

  2. I have been using themes lately and to help me to remember then, I've connected them to a day – like Stunning Saturday, Super Sunday, Tuesday Tunes, Trailer Thursday and Writing Buddy Wednesday.

    And then I have the old thing that pops up here and there and just post what comes to mind. I think part of it is, on the whole you have to enjoy blogging. Sometimes I find a lag but on the whole I love sharing information…

    Hope you come up with blog posts that you enjoy, Jenny.

  3. Wow, Maria. I'm in awe. I need your notebook. Maybe Jenny and I could conspire and "borrow" it.

    I very seldom do writing posts these days. There are so many other great blogs that do them so much better. I like to blog about things that interest me – cooking, travel, books, etc and other random things.

    1. Shelley, your latest book has corrupted you 😉 "Cat Burglar in Training" but I think your idea is super!!! only thing, do you really think Tank and Iko would let us in and show us where the notebook was?

        1. Your super-sekrit notebook would make an enviable post 🙂

          Toby's friendship, strangely, can be bought with a carrot. What can I say? He's cheap – but healthy!

  4. I have a notebook with blog topics. Right now, there are over 125 topics on my list. Some I set aside for when I want to talk about specific books, or if I want to use them for a guest spot somewhere. Some are seasonal. But most are just ideas that I'd like to bring up for discussion.

    I try not to talk about only writing or publishing. At this point in my career, all those topics are kind of old news. I mean, how many times can you talk about the agony of synopses? We're all agreed it sucks, so let's move on. LOL!

    Since I've cut down my blogging to only twice a week, there are usually plenty of immediate topics for me to write about, so I leave 'The List' for emergencies. It's saved my bacon plenty of times.

    1. 125 ideas for blog posts? I *knew* you had a busy mind 🙂

      I like posts that deal with ideas and open up discussions. I don't always have mental space to contribute anything beyond "Ummmmmmmm" but I enjoy reading the comments … your blog sparks those sort of conversations.