Flowers in a Tea Cup

I’m not a crafty person. I’m too impatient. So when I tried to think of a vaguely steampunk, vaguely vintage project I wanted something fast. Well, how does five minutes strike you?

Start by soaking some florists’ foam in water, then stuff it into a tea cup. You won’t need much.

Add some greenery. I stole some ferns from the garden.

Poke in the flowers

Decide it would look better in a different cup…simply switch.

Seriously, putting this post together has taken longer than throwing the arrangement together. Yes, it doesn’t look steampunk-ish, but you can add details, maybe a fob watch spilling from the saucer? The lovely thing about using a tea cup as a vase is it has a built-in spill tray, the saucer, which makes it a nice “get well” gift. Also, you can source lovely vintage tea cups from op shops. And I’m darned sure that you, crafty people, can make far more beautiful arrangements than this quick attempt.

6 Replies to “Flowers in a Tea Cup”

    1. "Garnish" – Yes!! I'm so not a steampunk purist. I love the aesthetic but I'm happy with using little bits of it even out of context – like with tea cup flowers 🙂

    1. Exactly! If I started a longer project, I'm fairly sure it would go unfinished. Which is a terrible admission of general slackness 😉 Thanks for dropping by!