To Do Lists

If someone banned me (and could enforce the ban) from using To Do Lists, I’d cease to be able to write and my life would fall apart. You think I’m kidding?

To Do Lists are how I break “overwhelming” into “achievable”. They’re also how I stop my mind from spinning with things “I must not forget“.

I am addicted to the satisfaction rush of crossing out an item. Done! and I love the sweet, sweet sound of paper crumpling as a whole list becomes history — though sometimes I cheat and scrawl some of the old To Do List tasks onto a new page.

Is there anything nicer than starting a new page? Each new To Do List is rich in possibilities (sometimes scary ones, I admit).

Also, seeing all the things I need to do listed out lets my bulldog mind release an impossible task and take up a smaller but still necessary one on days when I know I’m not superwoman.

To Do Lists are how I balance time, energy and competing demands…and sleep at night.

Whew. And now that this post is done, I can cross off “Tues. post” 🙂

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    1. Could you tell it was a filler post? 😉 My To Do List daunted me this week, but I'm hoping to finish developmental edits on my current Carina MS today…fingers crossed! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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