Old Things

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Azelia Ley Homestead Museum which is a small museum in one of Western Australia’s old houses. The idea was to take some photos that I could rustle up into a post come October when “Courting Trouble” releases. However, I became a tad side tracked and took photos of some fascinating items from other time periods (ie not the 1890s) that I thought I’d share now.

An electric footwarmer from the 1930s
A woodstove like Grandma used to cook on...I loved opening & closing the little doors to add wood or make the fire burn hotter
A sewing table...its beauty reminds me how important the sewing machine was in many households
My herb garden - Now how did that get in here? Basil, marjoram & flat leaf parsley


4 Replies to “Old Things”

  1. I love old things, too. In the Victorian-style house I grew up in, there was an old wood-burning stove that Mum sometimes used. Her main stove was one of those very early gas stoves on legs! She used a treadle sewing machine in a cabinet like the one in your photo; it was not as easy to operate as the modern ones, but had infinitely more charm!

    1. Treadle sewing machines look totally cool — but I have enough trouble with a modern one! I can't imagine having to remember to peddle as I guided the fabric. But looking at these old things, in a house setting, is really warm and nostalgic. I actually read a psych study the other day that said nostalgia literally warms us up. Maybe that's why museums always feel cold? Us visitors are warmed by nostalgia 🙂

    1. Thanks, Maria. It's a lovely herb garden — now that summer has stopped frying it to bits. And like you, my foot warmer is of the sleepy and furred kind. That old electric one frankly looked scary.