The Claytons Conference is the online conference for Romance Writers of Australia (RWAus) members who can’t make it to the face-to-face conference. Last year was my first experience of Claytons and I loved it. It was motivational, informative and most of all, it gave me a strong sense of belonging to the romance writing (and reading!) community here in Australia.

This year, Claytons is on Saturday 18 August, running simultaneously with the face-to-face conference. However, it’s only going to be one day. Julia Burns and I volunteered to organise it (yes, we volunteered! despite the rumours going ’round, no one bribed us with TimTams — though they would have been welcomed 😉 ) and since there’s only two of us and cloning remains illegal, we decided to cut drastically so we can maintain last year’s high standard.

Organising an online conference is a new experience for me, so this post is by way of a warning: Expect excited blog posts, tweets and even FB comments as I learn about what happens behind the scenes (I expect there are TimTams!).

If you’re a member of Romance Writers of Australia and interested in Claytons2012, keep an eye on the RomAus loop or the blog for updates. This is your conference and we hope to “see” you there … well, unless you’re one of the lucky ducks going to the Gold Coast 🙂

2 Replies to “Claytons2012”

  1. Jenny, thanks for volunteering to do this. And I think when you and Julia are doing the right thing by managing what you can – ie cutting back. Two people can not possibly expect to do it all for longer.

    Good luck and I look forward to reading your updates 🙂

    1. Eleni, there's one particular update I'm really looking forward to — sharing to logo!

      which is a mystifying comment for anyone else reading this 🙂 Let me just say Eleni is a very cool, clever and generous person.