Random Ramble

I missed posting on Saturday. A technical glitch with the security software I run on my laptop had me in a flat spin of panic…only to be revealed to be totally their fault. Not mine! This is rare when I venture into the tech world, so although it was a bit stressful and annoying, I’m just glad I didn’t have to muddle around in my ignorance to fix anything on this site.

However, I am still in a bit of a muddle — not helped by the fact that all I want to do is write, write, write “Stolen: One Bridegroom”, which is the first full length novel in my Bustlepunk Chronicles. It’s such a good story it’s hard to think of anything else, even blogging! So today’s post is random in the extreme.

First, weird snacks. I’ve discovered I like eating flaked coconut with low fat yoghurt. Yum. I can’t even excuse the weirdness by saying I’m dieting. I just plain enjoy the taste and chewy coconut.

Gardening. I thoroughly recommend growing sugar snap peas. They exceeded all my expectations and are already providing peas, about a month before I expected them. These are even better than coconut with yoghurt.

Third. Old news, but since it’s winter I’m wearing quite a lot of black clothes. These do not combine well with the fur of a golden retriever. I’ve given up and now wear Toby’s addition to my outfits as a fashion statement: Dog owner. I’m considering adding a hat with a label to the ensemble. The label to say: Writer. That might excuse the vacant looks I give hard-working shop assistants. Then again, it mightn’t.

Lots of good things are going on behind the scenes preparing for the Romance Writers of Australia’s online conference in August. The generosity and enthusiasm of members is heart-warming. Romance writers really are fab!


8 Replies to “Random Ramble”

  1. I love yogurt with fruit or veggies but I've developed a passion for flatbread. Flatbread with mashed avocado and catalina dressing topped with veggies, chicken salad with veggies and tomorrow I will try hummas and avocado. I'm not much of a techie either–finally learned I could open my DVD door (stuck) by using the romote. Did manage to fix the TV yesterday. Hooray for us non-techies when we succeed.

    1. Yummmm flatbread! We have a Turkish bakery way, way too close to home. 🙂

      I guess the upside to our non-techiness is that our rare wins are much sweeter than techies' general competence. They always seem slightly bored by their own knowledge!

      1. Right. How sweet it is. Put my Dell computer together–of course it is color-coded but some of the social media sites really get me confused. Hmm…maybe they could color-code them.

  2. Love sugar snap peas. But I'll have to take your word on it with the yogurt and coconut. –not pregnant, are you? LOL!

    My pea vines have been spent for a few weeks now. I'll try again in September if the weather cools down a little.