Favourite Cemeteries

Do you have a favourite cemetery? The question isn’t as bizarre as it sounds. Cemeteries can be the most fascinating place to wander. The memorialising of people’s lives lends history a reality that history books (much as I love them) can’t capture. It doesn’t hurt that old cemeteries are often sited in great inner city locations, giving you beautiful gardens and fresh air.

That said, I don’t like wandering through the more recent areas of a cemetery. That feels like intruding. I like areas well over eighty years old — and the gardens. Old cemeteries naturally include old trees, making for shaded areas with birds and benches (if the cemetery caretaker is thoughtful).

Fremantle Cemetery is my favourite. In summer, when the sea breeze (the “Freo Doctor”) blows in and hits the slope of the cemetery, it is just lovely. There are huge, beautiful gum trees, lots of birds and history is literally close enough to touch.

There is even a heritage walk.

8 Replies to “Favourite Cemeteries”

  1. Hubby and I used to walk in a lot of cemeteries when we were actively researching our family tree. We used to walk our dog there too, but don't anymore since we moved. They're interesting to wander about.

    1. Researching family history is intriguing. I've only ever done some secondhand looking up on the internet — you know, where you read other people's geneological (can't spell it!) research and shake your head, because you know you great-granddad didn't die childless…

  2. I like visiting Waverley Cemetery. It's in Coogee, Sydney, overlooking the ocean. Spectacular views and popular with walkers. I believe bits of 'The Great Gatsby' were filmed there.

    1. And I thought I'd NEVER have a reason to watch The Great Gatsby! (assigned reading in high school — hated it!) That's a fab bit of trivia. Thanks, Coleen 🙂

  3. Jenny not a "favorite" cemetary but since a small child always loved to visit the one in South Texas where my family members are buried. It has the most magnificent old Oak trees as they are well over 100 years old.

    1. That sounds gorgeous. I love huge old trees, and thinking of the people who planted them. I think planting a tree is such a hopeful thing to do.

  4. I used to like photographing cemeteries, but I haven't been to one in a long time. We almost bought a house next to a cemetery though. LOL. I would've been assured quiet neighbors had we bought.