Writing Supplies

I’ve gradually set up my writing corner to support the business of writing. And it is a business. You don’t want to be wasting time because you can’t find or haven’t got what you need.

  • reliable computer
  • printer (used seldom, but that scan feature is handy for sending electronic copies)
  • desk, keyboard & chair that let you sit & type without strain (check heights, angles, etc till you get what’s right for you)
  • notepad for scribbling in
  • inkjoy pens (just because they really do seem the most effortless to propel)
  • comfy chair for thinking
  • wall calendar
  • envelopes, standard and A4
  • stamps
  • cheerful mugs (and tea and coffee to fill them – Irish Breakfast & Colombian Fair Trade)
  • a filing system
  • headphones/radio for when you have to shut out the world
  • promo items (things you can easily post)
  • ereader, for research 😉

What am I missing?

8 Replies to “Writing Supplies”

    1. Dictionary, thesaurus and book of quotations are on the shelf in another room … so I have to get up and WALK. But I agree. I much prefer my paper concise Oxford dictionary to anything online.

  1. Whiteboards! I have three big ones. Can't work without them.

    There is always one behind the computer with all my characters listed alongside their most important traits (eye, hair colour, property name, car they drive, personal quirk, favourite saying etc). Down the bottom are other important facts I need to keep straight, like distances to town, street and property names.

    Another whiteboard covers my promo schedule, while the final one has miscellaneous important stuff on it, including craft tips, phone numbers, some future to-do/think-abouts and anything else that doesn't fit on the other two boards.

    I'd really like another one for brainstorming – a big one on a stand that you can flip over – but I'm running out of room!

    Think I'm a bit addicted to scribbling with those pretty textas…