Australian Women Writers Challenge

The Australian Women Writers (AWW) Challenge started this year, and I signed up early. It’s not for writers, it’s for readers. You commit to reading a certain number of books by Australian women writers, and you challenge yourself to read outside your usual genres. Libraries are a huge help in browsing for different, new-to-you authors. There is also an AWW group on Goodreads.

A New Map of the Universe by Annabel Smith was one of my joyous discoveries from the Challenge. I read literary, distopian, YA, and snuck in some favourite genres like romance, trying out romantic suspense and paranormal by authors like Tara Moss.

AWW has become like a book club. It’s lovely to chat about new discoveries with other readers, but it has the advantage that you get to choose the books you read. I feel like a community has grown up around the challenge, and it’s a friendly, supportive, witty group of people.

I’m also surprised how enjoyable it is to write reviews – whereas they used to daunt me.

My latest review of Whisky Charlie Foxtrot by Annabel Smith is on Goodreads — and I think it’s going to become an Australian classic. There’s a chance to win a copy here.

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